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Cotton seed oil

We produce refined, bleached, deodorized cotton seed oil which means it is ready for consumption. It has a bright golden color and a mild taste which enhances and is ideal for cooking and bakery. Cotton seed oil does not contain cholesterol and according to nutritionists it is a healthy oil. It contains natural antioxidants and vitamin A which contribute to its stability, giving the products that contain it, a longer shelf life.



Company Quality Certificates

 Our company has been awarded with the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000 certified by the company TUV HELLAS (member of the Rheinisch-Westfalischer (RW) TUV GROUP). The production of cotton seed oil is monitored according to the directions of the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000. Our company also implements the HACCP system for the cotton seed oil production, which is an internationally recognized food safety methodology which ensures food safety.


Product : Cotton Seed Oil, Refined, Bleached, Deodorized

Cotton Seed Oil, Refined, Bleached, Deodorized


Production, yearly

about 2.000 tons



1 lit = 0,920 kg.



1) In bulk (in a big metallic drum attached to a truck).

2) In 5 litre plastic packaging. We then place 4 such plastic bottles in one carton packet. The packet's dimensions are 0,31m X 0,35m X 0,28m. The packets may then be placed upon wooden pallets (EURO-pallets, 800 kg each, up to 28 pallets/truck). Pallets must not be placed one upon another.

3) In 10 litre metallic packaging. The packet's dimensions are 0,33m X 0,22m X 0,16m. The packets may then be placed upon wooden pallets (EURO-pallets, 800 kg each). Pallets must not be placed one upon another.

Note : For bulk loading in drum, the receiver should have available a pump, for unloading the oil from the drum to his tanks.


Product quality characteristics

1) Color, Red Lovibond units in 5,25" tube, should be < 6,5.

2) Acidity, expressed in Oleic Acid, should be < 0,3%

3) Moisture content, at 105 C.

4) Volatile matter, percentage of insoluble matter in petroleum ether, calculated in anhydrous ( dehydrated ) oil, should be < 0,05% at 105 C.

5) Soapment number, should be < 198.


Value range of each product quality characteristic, for our product

1)  Color, Red Lovibond units in 5,25" tube : around 5.

2)  Acidity, expressed in Oleic Acid : around 0.1%

3)  Moisture content : around 0.03% at 105 C.

4)  Volatile matter, percentage of insoluble matter in petroleum ether, calculated in anhydrous (dehaydrated) oil : 0,01%. at 105 C.

5)  Soapment number : around 195.


Production method

By refining, bleaching and deodorising of neutral cotton seed oil. Neutral cotton seed oil is produced by pressing of cotton seeds.


Quality Characteristics measurement instruments & quality characteristics measured

Dr. Lange LICO 200, for measuring color, spectral measuring principle, spectral range 380-720 nm, step 10 nm, measuring unit : Lovibond. DIN 53995.


Established Uses of cotton seed oil

Cotton seed oil is ideal for:

1. Companies producing:
-Snack food (for example potato chips)
-Prepared food (for example refrigerated meals sold in super markets)
-Frozen food (for example frozen cooked meals)
-Salad and Cooking oil
-Packing oil (for example sardines or other seafood)
-Salad Dressings
-Shortening, icings and whipped toppings for cakes (the use of cotton seed oil for toppings helps promote the desired consistent texture and smooth, creamy appearance in shortening, toppings and spreads used in bakery)
-Breaded products (doughnuts, croissants, chocolate filling for croissants)

2. Home use:
- Frying: seafood, French fries, chicken, vegetables, Chinese food (duck, pork, chicken, shrimps - its flavor does not deteriorate when used in high temperatures that is why is it is ideal for frying)
- Baking : it is ideal for making cakes, icing toppings, whipped toppings
- Salad dressings and mayonnaise : thanks to its neutral flavor, it is an excellent choice for home made salad dressings and mayonnaise


Possible clients

Companies which produce the above mentioned food products, or companies which buy in bulk (wholesale) and then package the product themselves, under their brand tickets, and resell them (retail).


Established markets, worldwide for these uses

Cotton seed oil is very popular in the US and it has been an important ingredient of their diet for more than a century. Popular in Greece too.



I : Upon customer's request we can also do an extra processing of the refined, bleached & deodorized oil, we can de-margarine the oil (we can filter the margarine). But we don't normally do this, only upon customer request.

II : Samples upon request.

III : Insurance for transport is an additional 0,1% of the value of the transported goods.