SINCE 1953


We produce top quality cotton seeds, all of it passed through drier , in order for its moisture to be lowered to very low levels.

The cotton seeds are white, undelinted, and after its production in the ginning factory it passes through a top-quality modern cotton seed drier, where its moisture is lowered to around 8-9%. Then it is stored in bulk in our warehouses. There we regularly monitor its moisture and temperature and we ventilate it when necessary through our warehouses' airduct-based ventilation system. The moisture of the cotton seeds is around 8-11% at any given time.

Every truckload of cotton seeds is tested and measured for aflatoxins B1, before being loaded, with our precise ROMER BIOTEK 800 TS READER instrument. In case a truckload sample of cotton seeds is found to be over 5 ppb Aflatoxins B1 then this truckload is separated and will be destined to be loaded not for animal food customers but for other customers for biodiesel production purposes.

We export yearly large quantities of cotton seeds to Italy & Hungary, and of course we have several large steady Greek customers.

Cotton seeds is suitable to be included in the animal food diet of milk- producing animals.

Cotton seeds are also used as input material in oil mill factories for the production of cotton seed cake & cotton seed oil.

Cotton seed oil is used in the food industry & unrefined cotton seed oil is also used in biodiesel production.

Cotton seeds is usually loaded in bulk in trucks. It maybe also be loaded in bulk in 20' or 40' containes, and it may also be loaded in big-bags.